Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd

Portfolio overview

Portfolio location

Portfolio location Gorgon Ichthys Crux Sunrise Evans Shoal PNG Western Province Qalhat

Country Project Area Type Stage Share Acquired
Sunrise Timor Sea Upstream(Gas) Concept Selected 10% 2000
Australia Evans Shoal Timor sea Upstream(Gas) Appraisal & Concept Screening 10% 2000
Australia Crux Browse Basin Upstream(Gas) Appraisal & Concept Screening 3% 2007
Australia Gorgon Carnarvon Basin Upstream(LNG) Development 1.25% 2009
Australia Ichthys Browse Basin Upstream(LNG) Development 1.20% 2011
PNG Western Province Western Province of PNG Upstream(Condensate) Development 10-20% 2013
Oman Qalhat LNG Qalhat Liquefaction & LNG sales Operation 3% 2006


The Greater Sunrise field is located approximately 450 km north-west of Darwin. €Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd and its affiliates hold a 10% participating interest in the Greater Sunrise field.

Evans Shoal

The Evans Shoal field is located approximately 300 km north-west of Darwin. The joint venture will conduct further studies in order to determine the optimal development options for the field. Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd holds a 10% participating interest in Evans Shoal.


The Crux field is a gas field, rich in high quality condensate, located in the Browse Basin, offshore of Western Australia. Following consolidation of the gas and liquids interests in 2012, Osaka Gas Australia subsidiary holds a 3% interest in the Crux license area. Further studies and drilling are planned to determine the determine the optimal development option for the field.


Natural gas produced at Gorgon and Jansz-Io gas fields located between 130 and 200 kilometres offshore in Western Australia will be liquefied at the Gorgon LNG plant on Barrow Island. The liquefaction plant will have an annual output capacity of 15 million tons of LNG. Gas production will be scheduled to commence in 2015. Osaka Gas Australia subsidiary holds a 1.25% interest in the Gorgon project.


Natural gas and condensate will be produced at Ichthys gas field located offshore in Western Australia. Condensate will be loaded offshore into tankers and gas will be transported through the pipeline to Darwin for processing and liquefaction in to LNG. The project, having the total annual LNG output of 8.4 million tons, is scheduled to commence production in the fourth quarter of 2016. Osaka Gas Australia subsidiaries own a 1.2% interest in the project.

PNG Western Province

Subsidiaries of Osaka Gas Australia will participate in the development of gas-condensate accumulations in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. Initially the Stanley project will produce condensate for sale to regional refineries with production scheduled for the second half 2015. Further developments from other nearby license areas are expected to follow soon after with studies underway for development of a mid-scale LNG project.


Qalhat LNG, a company incorporated in Muscat, Oman, is the promoter of the second LNG project in Oman. With a production capacity of 3.3 million tons of LNG per annum, the company has shipped LNG since December 2005. Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd owns a 3% interest in the project.